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Caspar Taylor is an internationally renowned artist acknowledged for both his contemporary artworks and his more traditional sculpture and architectural restoration projects

About The Artist


Caspar studied fine art at Bristol College of Art where his A level studies in maths, physics and art as well as his previous work with the stone masons at Ashridge House went on to influence the evolution of his sculpture and other artworks

After leaving college Caspar worked with Cliveden Conservation, The National Trust's statuary workshop working on numerous carving, masonry and restoration projects throughout the UK

After a devastating fire at The National Trust's Uppark House in 1989 Caspar worked with Geoffrey Preston to revive the traditional method of stucco plasterwork and recreat the 18th century ceilings. This technique involves hand modelling the designs directly on to the ceilings without moulds or casting.

Caspar then continued this pioneering restoration work following further fires at Prior Park in Bath and Windsor Castle.